Small door sign test

Rookie on the go here! I wanted to test my new 3mm flat bit, it did not turn out as smooth as i thought… my bad :wink:
Its for myself, my girl and dog. Im gonna throw it and make a better model in Easel and photoshop with smoother edges.

I also notised that it did not cut as good as i thought. I needed to sand quite much within the dog. The idea is good tho :wink:

I have found that using spray paint vice a brush works better (at least for me). The coverage is more even and thinner, making for less sanding. I also generally avoid using knotty woods for signs, unless I am using a much lighter color paint (like white).

What was your feed rate and depth of cut? That also affects the quality of your carve.

Here is an example of a sign that I did.

Looks nice! - What sealing did you use? - just reglar clear high gloss?

I should have used a small brush, but thats the smallest i hade yesturday. And patience is not a thing that im known for :blush:

I think i used the default in Easel for mdf, 1mm depth per pass.

I used black high gloss spray paint in a can. Then several coats of cherry stain, then several coats of clear gloss. The wood is premium pine with no knots.

Love the sanding sealer! Finally got some after your last post. Helps prevent grain bleed even in oak!


Its a nice MDF conditioner as well. Helps MDF hold fine detail and seems to harden it nicely.

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Also - SANDING SEALER, then carve, then SANDING SEALER again… then shellac or poly or whatever… If you dab some sanding sealer into your carving before you flood, it… will… not… bleed. @PhilJohnson, if you use it on wheat bread or a hamburger bun PRIOR to putting a nice medium rare burger on it - the BUN WILL NOT BE SOGGY. It also cured my acne. (forgot picture)