Small feature support (should I pay for Pro?)

Hello, I’m figuring out how to work with Easel in the free version and watching that dreaded countdown clock…not quite sure what changes when it expires? The monthly charge seems big for browser-based software these days so I’d like to be sure I understand all limitations for what I need. I’m working on very small parts and in mm units, here’s what I’m struggling with:

  1. The left-hand zoom window stops around 35 mm? My screenshot shows a 8 mm gear and it’s impossible to do point editing if I cannot zoom further. Browser zoom just jumbles all the windows around and not usable. Just let me zoom in further, why not?
    1a) The 3D view on the right seems to blank out rendering if you get too close to the object. I’m sure the rendering is using open source libraries with a setting for the camera; just reduce it or scale based on the size of the workpiece?

  2. Units are truncated to 0.1 mm, but they seem to actually take 0.01 differences. I can see changes when I type 0.15 vs. 0.1. The programmable resolution of my machine is far below 0.1 mm so why truncate? I develop trust issues with software when it shows the user one thing but does something else.

Let me know if I’m missing a setting or feature to help me justify paying for Pro?

Also 3d carving from stl files and the option for grouping are PRO only features.

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