Small Notebook

I made a notebook based off a wood scrapbook design I saw years ago.
It is sized to be able to hold a 4x6 index card inside a plastic sleeve.

I used Poplar, Sedona Red Stain and Red Tinted Shellac.

Here is the cove and front spine. The holes are for post screws to hold it together.

After the red stain:

And the red tinted shellac

The final notebook

It took a little over 5 hours to carve. Next time I would only carve the front cover, which would cut the carve time in half. :slight_smile:
Also the inset for the hinges was just a hair too deep so the book would not close perfectly flat. I could have easily just sanded down the inside edge, but it was hardly noticeable, so I didn’t bother. I will make an adjustment to the cut file for the next one. :slight_smile:


very cool.