Small sanders

Does anyone have one of those small details sanders?
I’m interested in finding the best one.
Your input is appreciated.

If you have a scroll saw they make great detail sanders, but I guess it depends on what you are sanding. I cut down a sanding belt from a belt sander into 1/4” strips and put them into one of my scroll saws. You can also buy premade sanding strips made for scroll saws too.


I was actually thinking about one of these.

A little pricey at $90.00

A little pricey but the best investment I have made to my workshop. The sandpaper is expensive but I have found a much cheaper option. Actually 2. First you can use regular sandpaper and spray adhesive but this is a little messy. The better option is buy a small roll of PSA sandpaper and put it on the tips and cut around the tip shape with a pair of scissors.

If you are doing small part sanders or need to get into corners on signs, you will not be disappointed with this sander. It works very well.

Thanks for the reply.
I went to order one but they are on backorder.
I’ll call them tomorrow to see if I can get ship date.

You can also use a dremel tool.

Also very interesting.
Thanks Robert

And from the same site … i use the smaller one for easy jobs …,42500

Was looking at this a while back for $38 not bad

Only a good deal if you already have the transformer.

I’m kind of looking at that one also.
But the unit is 12v and you also need to buy the transformer that goes with it.
So overall you have about the same money tied up.
I only wonder if this has the same power as the 120v unit.

Here it is with transformer;

but it’s just a 12v transformer, no need to spend 35 on it when you can snip the connectors from an ordinary $2 12v transformer.

Now I see that they have a couple of different transformers.
The heave duty one is $60.00 by itself.
More research to do.


I work for a company that sells these. I haven’t been able to buy MY X-Carve yet so I haven’t been able to test them on this type of consumer-level router…yet. But I have sold them for use on industrial CNC machines at cabinet/furniture/toy manufacturers around the country.

this is actually the type of work that I need it for.
it is a two sided carve beer tap handle that I made.

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Looks interesting,
what are they called?
BTW I’ve never heard of “fleabay”

Thanks Robert.
I just looked, and there is actually a fleabay.LOL
Looks to be kind of like Craig’s list.