Small simple boxes

Can post files if anyone wants them, but thought I’d post a couple of pics of some really simple (and easy to make) boxes.

These are simply a couple of planks glued face to face, cut a pocket in them, add a couple of holes for some small magnets, then use the same profile to cut the lid.

A bit of sanding and some oil and you’re done. Lids can be carved, the bottoms are easily flocked (coloured glue with the fibres sprinkled over them) and so on.


Very nice!

I would be interested in the files, this would be a great way to utilize some of the small pieces I generate on larger projects and give me "tinker time "with the XC.

@JkWestphal no probs, I’ll try and do them when I get home.
What format? I’m using V Carve so I can save several formats I think…

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I would appreciate the Vcarve file. There is no end to people asking for nice boxes

Here are a couple of .crv files. As mentioned above, they are basic in the extreme.

I use a couple of 19mm Jarrah pieces glued together as the box body. The inner pattern is cut as a pocket, 5mm shallower than the material thickness. There are a couple of pockets to cut for the magnets, I think mine were 10mm dia and 5mm thick. The outline is cut to full material depth (NOTE - I was using double sided tape so there are no tabs).The lid is cut using the same toolpaths (the outline and the magnet holes), they just need to be adjusted to suit your material thickness - mine were 5mm hardwood.

Some notes.
Cut the magnet holes for the box, slightly too deep and the magnet holes for the lid exactly the same depth as your magnets are thick. After gluing, the lid magnets (because of the glue) will be slightly proud from the surface and will fit into the holes in the box where the magnets will be slightly below the surface. This gives the lid a more ‘positive’ fit. This also helps lock them together during final sanding.

Check the magnet polarity before gluing - simple error, but getting one out after it’s been pressed and glued into place is nearly impossible.

Obviously tool size, feeds & speeds will need to be reset for your machine.

Pencil_Case.crv (287.5 KB)
Pencil_Case2.crv (1.2 MB)