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Smart Clamp Probe to Continuity Probe

The smart clamp on the Carvey is a switch, but was wondering if it is hooked up the microcontroller in such a way as to be able to switch it out for continuity?

There are two wires connected to the smart clamp, and I’m guessing that when the button is pressed, there’s continuity. If I were to reroute those wires -i.e. one to the spindle and one to the work surface (in this case a PCB)- would I have to rewire any of the internals on the Carvey, or would this work just the same?

It will work as you hope it will. The “smart” clamp simply connects the probe pin with ground when pressed. As long as your method connects the two, it’ll register the probe.
Since you’re voiding your warranty anyway, I’d look at cncjs as your sender too.

Is it still warrantied if I bought it off of Ebay instead of directly through Inventables?
Also, I thought Inventables stopped supporting the Carvey???

Hi, @Daniel9 - It sounds like your best bet would be to reach out to our Customer Success team about your options (and the answer yo your question). You can reach them at or (312) 775-7009.

No idea.

I think they’re still supporting it for a while. They just discontinued it.