Smith Project Thread

Hello! I just created my first project. I’ll update this with other projects as well. I’m pretty straight forward with use & functionality, so the first project to get my feet wet was a tray that holds the bits that I purchased. It’s likely that I’ll end up using this in addition to a storage area. It was a great project to start with, learning a lot in Fusion 360 and becoming more familiar with the X-Carve.

Bit Tray
About this project:
Created in: Fusion 360, exported GCode via Easel post processing.
Material: Red Oak finished with Teak oil.
Bits Used: Solid Carbide 2 Flute Straight End Mill(black) bit for the entire project.
Time spent: approximately 8 hours(now I know that I can adjust the feed rate)
Additional notes: Did a light cleanup with 320grit using an random orbital sander.


That is excellent work for a first project. Well done.

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Good job and a great start.

Very Nice

That looks awesome love it good job