Smoothieboard on an X-Carve

I am patiently awaiting for my X-Carve 1000x1000 with Inventable’s nema23 steppers @140oz/in. So anyways, I am going to be running mine with a Smoothieboard 5x and DQ860MA external stepper drivers because the motor’s current limit(2.8A) is higher than what smoothies onboard drivers are only rated at 2.0A.

Just wanted to see if anyone else was planning on using a Smoothieboard on their X-Carve and start a discussion on setup.

Perhaps I am the only one going with the Smoothieboard? :smile:

@WilliamBedingfield I look forward to seeing your setup. Do you have a an enclosure planned for that electronics setup?


I’ve got a Harbor Freight Aluminum tool case 18" x 6" 13" that I’m going to mount all my electronics in. External Stepper drivers are in the back, I have an aluminum deck that I will mount my smoothieboard, raspberry pi, & wireless network adaptor, etc., The power supplies will be underneath the aluminum deck.

At this point, I’m just collecting parts and figuring out the mounting layout. At some point, I will add fans/cooling vents to the case as well as external connectors for 120v, usb ports and stepper motors. I also have some lexan that I will use for a window on the lid so I can monitor the status leds on the electronics without having to open the case.


I used a Smoothieboard Azteeg X5 mini on my Shapeoko 2 for a while — worked quite nicely and it was neat having the additional axis and controls to let the machine be a 3D printer.

I got my 1000mm running with the SmoothieBoard. Also used some external drivers. What config settings have you found to work the best for the X-Carve?

I documented mine, and have a copy of my config file at: and

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Awesome, thanks for that!

I don"t see the config file???

Configuration — c.f. w/ and the documentation.