Smoothing out rough pass by bowl & tray bit

I’m using a Whiteside 1372 bowl & tray bit to quickly hog out pockets on a project I’m making. The bit leaves a series of rings and grooves at the bottom of the pocket and I’d like to clean them up. My question is - does it make sense to use the Additional Depth feature to clean these up using a small stepover (say 23%), or should I create a detailed toolpath and accomplish it that way?

What say ye folks?



I would increase the pocket depth a small amount (0.3mm)
Then go to depth per pass and set that equal to or greater than the pocket depth and set the stepover to 23% (or less to ensure less machining marks)
And youll get a final pass to clean up Those tooling marks…

Seth - thanks for your advice. Will give it a try.


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Quick question - should I create a separate toolpath for this, or just add in the additional depth and rerun it?

@TomVetterani if you are changing stepover, you’ll need it as a separate toolpath - you can’t have multiple different stepovers on the same toolpath.

Id increase the depth, adjust the stepover, and the depth per pass and rerun…

easel doesn’t really do toolpaths like other softwares do, in other programs you could even setup a final pass with the finer stepover and do it all in one go. In easel youve got to trick it by doing that step of adjusting the depth per pass to jump back down to the bottom to clean it up.

Thanks again. I’m using Easel now,but playing around with Vectrics . Maybe I’ll convert over after the first of the year.



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