Snap-To Guides

With a few more projects under my belt, I’ve noticed a need for X and Y pull out guides on the art board. Having the ability to snap the artwork to them would make placing artwork on the artboard more accurate.


Are you talking about dowel pin holes in your waste board used to locate material to the same location for multiple parts. You would just need to do a drawing of where you want the holes and generate the G code to make the holes in the waste board. Go to ACE hardware they have dowel pins in several sizes and lengths.
I do this all the time on my fixtures I use on my CNC mill. very handy. I use 1/8" and 1/4" dowel pins.


That’s a great idea! I was actually talking about in easel, and I just noticed there is another post with this request and looks like it is being addressed by the team.

OK you are talking about snap to grid so you know that a part is located at X something by Y something.

The CAD programs I use have this and it is great to know my part is at X .5 Y .5