Snowman bowl

Just finished setting this up, I have not actually cut this yet, but here it is if anyone else would like it.
This is sized for 9.25" x 12.5" x 1.5" material, adjust for your needs.
The .CRV is from version 8.5

Please remember to add tabs if you need, and check feeds/speeds and recalculate for your tooling and machine mod level.

SNOWMAN BOWL.dxf (233.0 KB)


Thank you, that is a very nice design. I like it much better than the Vectric snowman bowl they have on their site.

One question, why did you cut a profile around the pocket before clearing the pocket? I always just cut the pocket in one operation. (although I do like the 60 deg chamfer around the pocket)

I cut the profile with a .25 ballnose just to break the sharp corner at the bottom of the pocket, then used a regular .25 end mill to clear the rest of the pocket since its faster. You could very easily if desired make just 1 pocket cut with the .25 end mill and be done with it.

I did not notice you were using a ball-nose for the profile. That is a good idea to relieve that bottom corner a bit.

You could also use a larger radius bowl bit and do the whole pocket with that 1 bit, I just set up for what I have on hand for tooling is all.

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