So far, almost perfect

I have assembled my X-Carve, and by-golly it cuts like a champ! The only thing I was not able to get to work are the limit switches. (and yes, I have already broken the limit switch on the Z Axis. -Will order new one today.) My question is what should I trouble shoot?

I’ve also created multiple machine profiles, through my own ignorance. Can these be deleted? If my machine would self-home, and I could get rid of the extra profiles. I would then be ready to move on to mastering original design Easel.

Thanks for the help.

Select “Machine”
select the machine you wish to delete from the dropdown
select “machine settings”
then select uninstall

You could go into machine inspector (Machine>general settings> machine inspector) and then turn off homing by changing $22=1 to $22=0

There are a number of things that can result in a limit switch being damaged, the most common one is the switches being smashed into and not triggering, this could have happened because they weren’t plugged in, or not plugged into the right ports (if Z is plugged into X or Y then the Z wont trigger when its hit and the Z will keep raising and eventually damage the switch.) I would verify that the correct switch is triggering, you can do this manually by pressing the switches with your finger once you have machine inspector open to verify that the right position switch is being triggered…

Thanks for your reply. Only the z has been damaged. I checked the wiring before posting, and just rechecked again. It is correct, at both ends.

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