So far not liking this setup

I have spent the last 5 hours trying to determine why my carve is stopping without completing, it just stops at random positions within the carve and the "carve complete window pops up.
when this happens the stepper motors stop but the spindle continues to turn. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps to no avail. My frustration level is through the roof with this contraption today. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the machine a couple times necessitated by troubleshooting telling me to clear my cache. Guess where your machine settings are stored. Has anyone else delt with this insanity before?
Using the Yorahome Silverback.

Are you having an issue with any other sender like UGS- sender.
Also check your PC power saving features. Possibly disable power save, set never sleep.

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Hitting the lower limit switch possibly?
I added a 2nd wasteboard atop the stock one on my Silverback as i wanted to surface the whole thing and the stock one didnt allow for this full surfacing… and this also raised the workpiece enough to not trip the lower sensor.

But also pc settings.

I’m very new to this and don’t have any other senders, and all of the troubleshooting suggestions were tried. I even went as far as cutting a piece of the packing foam from the shipping box of my machine and putting it under my laptop to reduce vibration. I decided to try a different lap top and after installing the drivers that did the trick. I guess the new laptop i bought in preparation for the arrival of my machine has issus. Thanks to you and Seth for your replies. After about 2 week of messing with this thing i might apply to be Seths helper, god knows I’m having no problems finding issues.

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Well it stopped again and this time seems to be a different issue as the carve complete message never came up, the machine just stopped. There is a alarm 1 and alarm 3 at the bottom of the machine inspector page.

Alarm 1 indicates a limit switch was activated. Possibly the lower Z limit?

Alarm 3 indicates the same, that a travel limit was exceeded within software this time.

Thanks again Seth, I figured it out early this morning. it dawned on me that due to the 1/8" V bit being much shorter than the bowl bit that I may have activated the lower limit. I came home from work and adjusted the bit downward and the spindle to its lowest position.

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This may be my problem. Can you show or explain how I fix this

If you’re hitting the lower limit switch, then either the spindle could be lowered in the clamp, OR the workpiece could be raised up.
You could place another piece of MDF down and attach that to the stock wasteboard as a secondary one and this will raise the workpiece and give a sacrificial surface to cut into that will be easier to replace as opposed to the stock one…

Yea, I have no idea. How do I know I’m hitting a limit

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The limit swiches are small microswitches located at the limit of travel for each axis, the Z axis limits for example are located on the side of the spindle mount, if the mount goes to far down the lower switch will hit the stop and will stop the travel at that point. If a limit is activated you will not be able to move any of the stepper motors until the machine is reset. To reset the machine turn the controller off, then use the manual adjustment to deactivate the limit the turn controller back on. There are a couple ways you can prevent future limit actions: install a secondary waist board like 1/4" plywood, or only install the bit into the Collett just enough to allow a good grip. Also make sure your spindle is mounted all the way down into the spindle mount.

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This photo shows the upper and lower limit switches for the Z axis

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Sir, What brand of CNC do you use? Thanks

Yorahome Silverback.

Mr. Davis, What software do you use to run your CNC Router.?

Easel pro. Im just starting out but it seems pretty user friendly. The only complaint is as far as I can tell you can’t add tapered bits to your toolbox.

Adding Tapered Ball Bits into Easel’s Toolbox is discussed here, It isn’t a 100% solution, but I’ve used them and for certain 3d reliefs, this method works perfectly fine. Albeit the issue then becomes whether Easel can generate such a large toolpath file when I use such a small tipped Tapered Ball Bit.

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