So I Broke Down and Bought a VFD

SO I bought a VFD off of ebay, i am crossing my fingers this thing is worth a crap. Its a 4 bearing 2.2kw ER20 water cooled spindle and power supply. Wish me luck , I will keep everyone updated.


Keep us updated plz I been very tempted myself.

So i just got it, and the good ole ebay ad doesn’t tell you how much it weights so I tried to research a little and found a few posts about it weighing about 2 kg so about 4.4 pounds no big deal. WRONG the damn thing weighs 11 lbs!!! Think I am just going to hold off installing it till I start building my new machine.

So i got my new Z axis up and running and guess what, the damn thing doesn’t seem to flinch at the 2.2 kw unit, time for some tests

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I installed a Hitachi 12vc router (about 7#) on one of my cncnewbie (Belt drive) and had about .002 sag. that’s why I am interested in your build. What size collet does your’s take?

Which VFD controller are you using and do you plan to wire the spindle speed control to the xcontroller? I have a smaller water cooled spindle but can’t figure out how to wire the speed controller.

Er20 1/2"

Just the cheap Chinese one, and to start I will just manually turn it on and adjust. If i am happy with it than I will look further into automation

How was the install and the usage been like?
That’s my next upgrade after an aluminum wasteboard.

could you provide a link to where you got our spindel and controller, I would greatly appreciate it.

Dead link?