So what did you guys get from Santa?

I guess I was on the nice list.


Nice! Santa did good! My wife just bought me the 3.8w jtech laser kit so I’m pretty excited! :slight_smile:


I got a Suck-it MZD from myself, I’m so kind like that ha.
My other subtle hints went unnoticed😔

So a jtech laser and tools means you were on the nice list. All I got was socks and sweater :frowning: that must mean I I was on the naughty list…


This is going to be fun :slight_smile: It’s so small, perfect considering i have no room left (I need a six car garage).

  • I also got a new drill press and grinder/buffer.

3D printer for making parts for the X-carve :slight_smile:


I was only given two options


So I wrote in a third option:

“Tried my Best!”

Henry Arms Brass Lever Action .30-30


DSC02509DSC02510 I wish Santa would have brought my dust collection part of the Xcarve this thing makes a MESS.

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I finally got my hands on one of these:

My Ridgid garage is complete!


Sweet machine, I just wish I would have had a few more weeks before cold set in. Doing an addition on my shop, add the 1000mm Xcarve and messed my shop up for space. Well added a few other tools as well 16’ x 24’ fills up quick.

I understand entirely, I have had to give up a few of my machines and place them in storage bc I have ran out of room. Good thing I have plans for a bigger better shop in the near future.

WHAT storage lol. I sold a complete wood shop 19 years ago because I couldn’t find a place to set up my shop in the new place we moved to. Took me that 19 years to get started again, it may be stacked on top of each other but nothing goes in storage. Hell I might need that item tomorrow. Adding 8’ by 26’ on to the shop.

Yep I is happy! Garage is about full of tools. So good in the house gift.
Hp elitebook 8540w . Yeah its a referb but better than anything I have ever owned. And the stand is a must. I dont know how I lived with out one. It looks small but fits perfectly. And works great in bed too. Now I wont sleep cause I will be up all night designing.

I have the same lathe now for about 12 years. It has done very very. The MDF will bow. I replaced it with a left over laminated beam. It also added needed weight. Enjoy your new lathe

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I hope everyone had a Great Christmas.
All I wanted was a new job so I could continue life with the fun of carving.
So far nothing but hey it takes time.

Thanks for that! I didn’t have high expectations for the MDF, but the added weight is a good idea!

I was totally surprised that I got this air brush setup, a little learning curve and I’ll be off and running!


I’m with Robert - I got work shirts that I had already tried on :smile:

I got underwear, body wash, and some shirts too. But, I also got an instapot and a sous vide cooker so I guess I’m a little spoiled lol