So......Worth it?

Getting ready to pull the trigger. Wanted to wait on the reviews. Not many, but I see a lot of minor problems. Then I noticed new controller coming soon. Wait some more? Want to use v carve pro. Need other things to do that. Starting to take a few steps back. Maybe I should save for the Shopbot. Any thoughts. No z-zero plate? Don’t see a dust collection hook up. Wind leaving my sail. I have a empty 4x4 Kreg table that needs a cnc machine on it. Help. Someone. Anyone.

Do you want an open source DIY build that’s new and will get modified beyond your wildest dreams and not be stuck with someone’s OEM limitations?

$5,000 for a 24x18 (cutting area) what appears to be a much less “open” architecture than they purport it to be? And includes software that I’m not sure you can “unbundle” from the up front purchase. Doesn’t include router, but they’ll sell you one for $400 more.

Or about $1271 for a fully blown 31x31 work area where everything is open and using available materials to change your design. That leaves still $3600+ to figure out dust collection (on board), software of your own choosing, router of your choice, though a default spindle is included in that cost.

Two completely different machines, really.


Well done. Understood. Post was to get thoughts. I’m probably in for the 31x31. Just like to hear thoughts. I’m new but not an idiot. I cut plasma on 4x4 Torchmate. Taught myself. Built it myself. Not making money I thought I wood(lol). I got a bazillion ideas. When I see new controller, etc…I get worried. I think I’m going with vectric vcarve pro. But you need to do something special with that. And it’s Greek to me on the explanation. I’ll figure it out. I wanna do a lot of 3d stuff also.

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Hi @JosephWenclewicz why does the new controller worry you? Some people are concerned only with cost. Others have more budget and want more power.

We have been using the G-shield and Arduino since 2012 because it was the least expensive solution we could find. Now that our customer base is expanding beyond people that will only pay for the lowest cost possible machine we are introducing new accessories that deliver new benefits.

The low cost bare bones solutions have a place in the world because they get lots of people in the game that otherwise can’t afford it or don’t want to risk thousands on a new thing they are just getting started with. The nice part of X-Carve is everything is open so you can upgrade when you have the need or the budget.


Not so much worry, it’s once bitten, twice shy. I put out close to $20k in previous Torchmate Plasma system. Sold it. Lost about $3,000. Used it for little over a year. I’ll take the hit. When I’m looking (and I’m really investigating) before I buy, and a month later, see different add on, that’s where I start 2nd guessing myself. So, as you see, not so much worry. This is all Greek to me. I’ll learn it. I’m a few weeks out from order full boat 31x31. I hit the floor when I found your product. Really, as of few weeks ago, never heard of Shapeoko(?). Glad now I did. Really, so excited. I thought I was in the $5k on a low end machine without the funds. I’m on a disability pension with my wife in school. So I think your X is a God sent. Not concerned with machine, looks like quality stuff.

One more thing if I may. You guys are really on the ball. I mean, response time, unbelievable. You can tell you guys are proud of your company, and it shows. Very good when looking at a company/product. Minor problems look, well, like minor problems. Easy fix.

Hey Thanks. Sorry to hear about your disability incident.

If you want to hop on a call I would be happy to walk you through any questions. We also have 4 terrific people in our Customer Success department that can do an equally good job answering product questions. They come in at 9am CST.

If you PM me I’ll send you my cell and we can talk now too.


The reality is, that’s a good thing, at least overall for the open source/DIY CNC community.

I was hedging as well, which is why I waited until near the estimated ship date to finally get off my butt and make the order (something I’m kicking myself for now as I wait for my ship date). I was going to wait, like you, until builds went out and issues were found and corrected.

There’s nothing wrong with that, really. Luckily as you say issues have been pretty minor and tons of people are posting their built machines working hard on projects so we know it’s not a flop.

Yes, waiting will save some money as you won’t have parts left over after upgrading and replacing doo-dads and such. However, not every upgrade will be a necessity, and it does appear that you can get an “off the shelf” X-Carve and do great things with it until you’ve maxed out your skills on the machine and can start the tweaking process.

Instead of worrying that you’re not getting the best machine up front, this is a great way to get started and build your final machine over time as you find things you want to change. And for like 1/3 the cost.

And, personally, I think you’ve seen here that they’re an outstanding company that isn’t going to let you down and discontinue parts and service right when you really need it. Something I don’t trust about bigger ‘name’ tools like the Shark/Piranha.

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Outstanding Company? Your kidding right. I just got off the phone with Zach. Owner / CEO. Unbelievable. It’s like calling Microsoft and getting Bill Gates. Un-Frigging-Real.


And many of us have had this type of experience with Zach. This is likely the best company I have come across in my 50 years for service and satisfaction!


I love all the good experiences and cant wait till the end of the year when I can finally purchase mine and get started. I was torn between this and a 5,000 dollar machine i found. but I plan to start with this and if it works like i want and everyone says and if i make any money off of my ideas then I will probably be buying hte 5000 machine down the road and then use this for smaller and more experimentation and the heavy duty machine for bigger production.