Soft bristles for dust boot

he bristle strips I installed about 9 months ago are causing damage because they are too stiff, can anyone recommend a source/brand/type of bristles?

I took the Makita router base, and modified it so that it would hold the dust boot, and which serves me very well, It rides on the router which means the bit never hits it.
But the stiffness of the bristles is giving problems.
My design needs the bristles set in a metal strip. Are silicon bristles softer?.

Having the dust boot ride on the router is not an optimal solution as this will always drive the bristles into your workpiece as the Z-Axis moves downward during the carving process. IMO, it is best that have a dust boot that attaches to the X-Axis gantry or Z-Axis non-moving backplate. This way you set it to gently touch the top of the material and it stays there the entire carve. That being said, if you are carving something small, all bets are off for both methods, and chips will likely fly out from under the bristles.

If you stay with the router-mounted option, I might look at some natural material like horse main bristles or something like that. Unless of course, you have already tried that…:slight_smile:


Brandon R. Parker

@BrandonR_Parker Thank you,
the problem with the bristles I have is that when the spindle changes direction the upward force on the Z axis is enough to do damage to the machine’s hold downs.
Reason I built it this way is because as a newbie was constantly running the dust boot into things and breaking it, or machining it with the router bit. Other wise I really like it and as it was my first design build project for the machine am a little bit proud of it, but it has to go if I cannot find a solution.

I understand completely…

My first dust boot was similar, but it was 3D printed by a friend. I used it for several years until different designs became available.


Brandon R. Parker

What I plan on doing for a temporary fix is now that I have beefed up the frame screws and bolts & while waiting for a full set of bolts to arrive, I am going to try cutting away about half of the bristles at the holder, that will reduce the load by half, and let me continue to explore other options such as plastic cut into fringes or, or.
Thanks for your input.

Been thinking of how to hang the boot on the z axis frame, maybe use some 1/2" lexan that slides and is held in place by bolts that loosley ride in the slots with a toggle clamp on each side to hold it in place, on my way to the shop now so I can take some measurements. In the mean time gave the brush a hair cut took out about half the hair so that should reduce the load. Thanks for the hand holding lo I need it.

No worries…

Post some pictures is you start designing something that works as others might want to check it out.


Brandon R. Parker

@BrandonR_Parker Just learned today how to post pictures, so will do.

mcmaster carr

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