Software for Plasma cutter

So, I have a full up torchmate cnc plasma cutter, but only have 2 axis. I am curious if I can use open source possibly from inventables to convert it to a 3 axis. I already have everything to include the table, motors, cutter, etc. Im just looking to change the arduino and add the z axis. Anybody have any ideas about this?

Im trying to find out the same except Im want to change over my Xcarve to plasma. Im thinking that instead of the ardrino Im going to use Mach 3. I know its not free but from what I have found its has lead in, lead out with tourch piercing. I dont think ardrino is capable of that and UGS in my opinion has way to glitchs. Im not an expert, I could be wrong but I have not found any help far as ardrino being use to control a plasma. If you find out let me know.