Software needs?

I’m going to be getting an X-carve soon. The one thing I’m stuck on is what software do I need. There are a lot of names thrown around( and expensive prices), and I want to know what exactly to get or a few options. The things I want to do with my xcarve is v-groove cutting, 3d cutting, basic cuttings, and be able to use multiple bits in one file.

While you are waiting on your machine, download the Vectric Vcarve trial version for free. Start watching the tutorial videos they provide and see what you think.

In my opinion Vcarve desktop for $350 is the best deal out there. But you should wait to see what Autodesk is going to do with the pricing on Artcam before you purchase anything.

what about getting the code to the xcarve? I’ve seen people talk about some type of sender for the actual code. I’ve done some minor cnc work, but it was mostly just zeroing and pushing start. Also I do have some experience with autocad. Also I will most likely be designing on one computer then putting it on another to actually carve.


I just stumbled onto your post here. I have VCarve Pro 8, but was looking at Artcam as well. I was recently offered ArtCam Jewel for about $400, but was scared by the monthly fees from Autodesk.

Is Autodesk going to do away with the monthly fees and only charge a straight price?
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[quote=“AdamTopping, post:1, topic:26629, full:true”] The things I want to do with my xcarve is v-groove cutting, 3d cutting, basic cuttings, and be able to use multiple bits in one file.


V-groove cutting:

3D cutting:

Basic cutting with multiple tools:

and it can even control your machine directly with its integrated GRBL compatible CNC controller…

$59 and unlimited free trial with full functionality (just a nag screen when opening / saving files)…


(I hope it is OK I posted this - I’m the programmer)


I spoke with the Autodesk people responsible for Artcam at the Atlanta wood working expo. They told me the subscription model is here to stay for Artcam.

I would be reluctant to purchase the old Delcam versions since they are not supported anymore and will not be updated.

Hi, i am new to the forums here.
I started working for a company a few weeks ago that is currently using a xcarve machine.
I was not impressed with a lot of the free cam software, so we opted out to get mastercam x9 which i am familiar with.
Unfortunately when i try running my gcode post. no matter what i use to send it. the machine decides to skip past codes it doesnt like and is just making a disaster of the situation.
I am wondering if anyone here has or is using mastercam and how they got around the whole posting process so the machine will read all of the gcodes properly.