Software or Hardware?

I have two 1000x1000 X-carves that I use on a daily basis. Recently I’ve been having issues with Easel suddenly tell me that “homing is not enabled”. The only way to “fix” the issue usually is to totally reboot the computers (one is Windows, one is Linux) and I’m using Chrome as the browser although I tried Edge the other day and the same thing happened.

After I reboot, I’m lucky if I can the job set up and ready to run before it suddenly tells me “homing is not enabled”. Is this a software issue or is it time to upgrade the controllers? They are one of the few things that haven’t been upgraded on these machines that are several years old.

Very frustrating as I lose a lot of production time rebooting plus I was just setting the z and my NEW bit got the point chipped off as it suddenly decided “homing was not enabled” and it drove the bit into the Z brass block.

Thanks for any words of wisdom/experience.


Go to Machine tab at the top and see how many machines exist, if more than one then you likely have one setup as homing enabled and the other without.

If you dont need 2 machine profiles then you can get rid of any extras, or edit the profile with homing disabled and just enable it and save the profile change…

Interesting thought. Both CNC’s have their own computer but they are on the same wifi network.


Well what i was referring to is the ability to create multiple machine profiles within easel, which any user can do with even only one cnc… and if you have one profile setup with homing disabled, easel has a tendancy to randomly select which profile to use, possibly selcecting a profile with homing enabled one time and another profile with it disabled another… soo, as suggested, check how many profiles you have. Remove excess, and check the settings and adjust them if needed by going to Machine>Edit Machine at the top menu bar in easel.

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So you are correct. I have been using two machines, two separate computers for at least 5 years and never had the problems I’m having until recently. If I only run one machine at a time, no problem. In order to continue using Easel with both machines, I have to upgrade to EaselPro. As I already have and use Vectric, I’m not for sure the upgrade would be of benefit to me. I’ve been recommended to look at bCNC…

I’m sort of confused by this. Easel isn’t required at all if you use Vectric. One can use the likes of gSender or Universal GCode Sender (UGS) to send jobs to the X-Carve. There’s no way one should have to get a subscription just to run more than one machine simultaneously.



Also, to correct my previous post… I’m still having sporadic errors of “homing is not enabled”.

Bye bye Easel! I’m comparing UGS right now.

How is it going with UGS?
I bet you miss all that redundancy!

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