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Solarez Musings

I’ve used “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Lacquer” for a year now and developed some usable tips. Apply it cold and clean the surface to be coated well with acetone followed by wiping with a tack cloth. I’ve never gotten good results with thin layers, but thicker coats seem to flow out flatter and cure better.
One issue mentioned by many users is the presence of “spots” or “bubbles” in the wet surface. Solarez provides a video of a luthier demonstrating it’s use. He notes the “bubbles” but says to ignore them as they will be sanded out. I’ve found they can be popped with gentle heat just like with epoxy, leaving a much smoother surface that requires less sanding after curing.
Hope this isn’t a rehash of knowledge, but I don’t see much about this product here or by independent luthiers.