[Sold]1000 x 1000 for sale in Seattle

Barely used 1000x1000 xcarve.
For Seattle pickup

Price $1,400

Controller is the Arduino style.

Includes upgraded wide maker slide X-axis.
comes with tool kit and clamp set

Let me know if you have any questions

I’m interested. Please feel free to reach out: fhelff@gmail.com

Do x-controller, sideboard, clamps, … come with it?

sent you an email.

I’m interested too. How much has it been used? Any issues?

No issues
Barely used.
Was to be used with my buddy up in Seattle but i moved out of the area and he doesn’t want it.
Currently just taking up room in his garage

still up for Sale.
Dropping price to $1,100.
My friend wants his garage space back so i need to get it out quickly.

is controller the original one?

The Controller is the Arduino type.

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