SOLD --- 1000m Series 1 X-carve with upgrades for sale in Grayslake, IL

Few of the upgrades:
Heavy duty linear Z axis
1 piece X axis upgrade.
Hall effect sensors for Homing and Limit switches.
Upgraded cable tracks.
Waste board flattened but should probably be replaced as it is getting low.
Daughter board for the controller to allow easy connections. No soldering and mess needed.
Heavy duty plug in relay to allow the router to be turned on and off through software.

Vcarve Desktop license ( will have to be transferred to the new owner ).
Inventables clamp system
The original quiet spindle
BOX of extras including wiring, an air deflector, clamps, etc.
Assortment of tooling to get you started.
Extra collet for Dewalt Router

In Northern IL, USA.

Hey there,
Still available?

Yes, it is still available. I’ll email you at:

Hi, I’m interested too! I’m planning a trip to Chicago this Friday…how close are you to the area? Thank you!

Hello, I just responded to your message directly to your email address.

This has been sold. Thank you.