(Sold)1000mm X-Carve for sale (Sioux Falls, SD)

I am selling my 1000mm X-Carve because it is just way too big for my shop. It is fully assembled, operational and comes with following features:
-ACME Lead screw
-NEMA 23 stepper motors
-24VDC quiet cut spindle wired for software controlled on/off
-Limit switches
-tool kit
-clamp set
-end mill starter set

I purchased it in March, received it in May and finally assembled it in August. It works wonderfully and I really like it but it is too big for my little 1 car garage.

I am asking $1000 if you pick it up. Or, for $1200 I will personally deliver it within 4 hours drive of Sioux Falls, SD (57106), help set it up and guide you through running it. I would consider a straight trade for a similarly configured and assembled 500mm X-Carve.

If you are interested, reply here or email me at curtwalkins@gmail.com

I can turn your machine into any size x-carve you want in exchange for the cut offs and spare parts. But I live on Lake Minnetonka.

Thanks, I could do that too. But I’d prefer not to cut it up and take the risk of making a mistake if I don’t have to.