SOLD 1000x1000m X-Carve for sale near Youngstown Ohio

I purchased it a couple of months ago; very few hours on it, maybe 10. Has all the bells and whistles on it with the DeWalt router and extra bits.$1300 OBO.I will sell the table for an extra $200. The board you see on top of the waste board was added protection and can be easily removed. Extra tools and clamps in pic not included. I can’t ship

PM Sent

By chance is this still available? I’m down by columbus and don’t want to pay shipping from Chicago for a new one.

Danny It’s no longer for sale. Thanks for looking.

Danny, I am looking to sell my X-carve like the one in this post. I live in Toledo and could ship it to you through my business for cheap. Let me know if you are still interested. You can email me at

So it’s the 1000mm then? I’m just down between Marion and Delaware so you wouldn’t have to ship. What are you looking to get out of it?