SOLD: 3.8w Jtech Laser with Driver and 1 12x24" Protective Acrylic Sheet

I’m looking to sell my Jtech 3.8w laser. We used for very few working hours (10-15). We bought it to engrave photos, but we didn’t have the time to spend focusing it and dialing it in. It comes with everything needed to run it plus a cooling fan and a protective acrylic sheet. It does not have the safety goggles though. One of the wire connectors came undone from the laser, so it can either be rewired with another or connected to the screw terminals. Send me a PM if you are interested.

An asking price would probably generate a bit more interest.

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We are hoping to get around $350. We spent ~$500 on what we are selling and it has only seen limited use.

It has been sold.