[SOLD] 800mm x 850mm X-Carve for sale DFW Texas - $750- Local pickup only

800mm x 850mm X-Carve for sale DFW Texas - $750 - Local pickup only

Looking to sell my X-Carve (fully loaded assembled kit w/ Dewalt 611 router, minus tool bag, minus limit switches) I’m moving into a smaller place and haven’t used it in quite a while.

I purchased the 1000mm x 1000mm X-Carve and had to cut it down a little to fit into a space, its overall dimensions now are roughly 800mm x 850mm (32" x 34"). The usable cut area on this machine is about 550mm x 600mm ( or roughly 22"x24")

The machine runs smoothly, I mostly used it for cutting fiberglass and wood sheets, it worked well. I never got the official wasteboard for the X-Carve because I new I would be cutting it down a bit, and as you can see from the pictures, my wasteboard is pretty used, so you’ll probably want to get a new sheet of MDF or something to act as a waste board.

I’ve added a dust shoe around the router to attach to a shop vac hose. It works surprisingly well at capturing dust as the machine works. If you need the shop vac, I’ll throw it in for $75 (it was $100 new, also runs well)

I’m throwing in all the router bits & accessories I’ve got (probably $100+ in router bits) see photos. These bits are mostly specialized for cutting fiberglass and other composites. I’ve got a few straight flute wood cutting bits in there as well.

I purpose built the table the machine is setting on to for it. It’s free if you can take it (Otherwise I’ll be disassembling and disposing of it…) It’s about 44" tall, so a good standing work height. The carpet on top is good for dampening the vibration of the machine.

The machine is in North Richland Hills TX, I can’t ship it so I’m really hoping someone can come pick it up.

I bought the machine for $1600, used it frequently for a summer and haven’t used it much since, so I think this price is a bit of a bargain.

If you have any other questions or want better pictures of anything, post a reply or PM me,


Hello! Going to be in the Dallas area this weekend, very interested in your X-carve, can we come by and see it on Sunday?

Not sure how to pm you but checking availability. Live about 2 hours away and this is worth the drive.

Hi Rusty,

I’ve got a gentleman coming by tomorrow to take a look at it to see about buying it. If he passes on it I’ll let you know, otherwise I’ll mark the post as [SOLD] so it’s obvious.