(Sold) Built X-Carve for Sale in Connecticut

Fully assembled 1000mm X-Carve for Sale

Location - Northwest corner of Connecticut, close to the New York and Massachusetts borders.

Specs from Purchase Order:
1000mm Rail Kit - 30551-03
ACME Lead Screw Kit - 30566-02
NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Kit - 30570-01
300W 24VDC Spindle Kit - 30573-01
Arduino/gShield Motion Controller Kit - 30574-02
Power Supply Kit - 30562-01
1000mm Wiring Kit - 30578-01
1000mm Drag Chain Kit - 30576-01
Limit Switch Kit - 30564-01
X-Carve Tool Kit - 30563-01

Also comes with:

  • Additional spindle mount for the Dewalt 611 trim router upgrade (mount only)
  • 1/4" and 1/8" Collets for 300w 12VDC spindle
  • 24 cutting bits - Various types, 1/8” shank

Also comes with PC to run the X-Carve:

  • Dell Optiplex 760 - Refurbished by Staples
  • Windows 7 Professional, 64BIT, 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive
    (Bought refurbished from Staples specifically to run the CNC, PC only has a few hours of use and was not used for anything other than running the X-Carve. Also comes with keyboard, mouse, and flat screen monitor.)

Needs a new waste board. I never bought the one from Inventables, I just bought a 4’x8’ sheet of 3/4 MDF from Lowes and cut it down to size for the machine. That way I got two waste boards for about $35 instead of paying $128 for the board and an additional $135 to ship it.

X-Carve has less than 10 hours of active use. I’ve been unable to calibrate it to get the kind of cuts I want and no longer want to spend the time to troubleshoot the machine. This type of machine needs a person who enjoys tinkering and repairing, I’m just not suited for it. Time to cut my losses.

Price for everything: $1000 firm

Unless you are absolutely deadset on selling, there are a few users around here that can get you running and get that machine dialed in.

I can guess the problems you are having and had them myself. It’s possible to get it running great with some common tweaks.

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Is the X-Carve still available? I live in CT and would be very interested. Please let me know if there is a convenient time to speak on Monday.



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Thank you for your offer, but I’m ready to sell. Members of the forum have been incredibly helpful with troubleshooting and Inventables has been wonderful about sending out missing parts (and later a malfunctioning gShield) extraordinarily quickly and hassle free. But I’m just not suited for a machine that needs this much care and attention.

I’ve had several interested people contact me already, and I think it’s best for me to return to more traditional saw-dust makers while sending off this tool to someone who can give it the love it needs and make it sing.

Thanks again!