**SOLD** Considering Selling 1000mm X-Carve

Just want to gauge interest. Located in MN. The decision to sell needs to be agreed upon by multiple parties.

selling price? will you ship to Chicago, what is the congfire of the unit . pm if you want


Not sure on a selling price, probably list for the “fully loaded” 1000mm table. Never used besides a demo. Fully assembled with $100+ in bits. Might be able to deliver to the area. Let me know what your thoughts are.

where abouts in mn?

Bloomington, make an offer if you would like. The table is brand new, “fully loaded” setup, completely assembled, and we have 20+ bits that were purchased and never used.

I have been approved to sell. I am asking $1200 OBO. Willing to deliver depending on location from 55431. I am making a trip to the Chicago area (McHenry) tomorrow if anyone is interested immediately, I can try to make it work.

shoot me a email