Sold - Customized X-Carve 750x900 - Lots of upgrades - Round Lake Beach, IL $1400


Selling my customized Xcarve 750 - Lots of upgrades done to the machine which I will list

This is the latest generation X-Carve and was purchased last August.

I have made a custom 20mmx40mm extrusion frame below the waste board. The frame is bolted down through 1" of MDF and secured into 20mm x 60mm rail supports. Very RIGID & FLAT

The machine has a 900mm wide maker slide for the X axis making this a 750 x 900 machine.
You can utilize the entire width of the waste board. There are additional hold down locations added to work with the wider travel.

Intalled are 1" risers and stiffeners but they are set at the lower end of the rail so there is only about 5mm height above a stock x carve but you can move the existing brackets up to allow the full 1 inch rise.

Machine has 9mm belts on the X, Y and Z axis.

Machine has a custom billet spindle mount and Steel V wheels for the Z axis only. Eliminated chatter and provides great rigidity. No signs of wear on the maker slide from lots of use.

Makita spindle. Has better rpm ranges than the dewalt.

IOT relay for automatic spindle on / off
Suckit Dust boot

Dell Windows 10 Tablet with productivity dock. Runs the machine and since it is a tablet no issues with dust. Has a keyboard and mouse.

Rolling cart with storage and keyboard shelf is included.

Box of misc end mills, v bits and collets included

Box of misc clamps and hold downs is included.

Complete running machine - can demo.

Priced for a quick sale @ $1400

Located in Round Lake Beach, IL

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