SOLD: Gently Used: 1,000mm X-Carve - North Dallas TX - Lots Extras

X-Carve CNC 1,000mm - ~20hrs – FOR SALE –

X-Carve is in excellent condition, I’ve used it for about 20 hrs. of runtime. The Spindle was bought for the router so it was new with machine. It is in 100% perfect working order, everything works flawlessly.

Work Area:
X-Axis 750mm
Y-Axis 750mm
Z-Axis 65mm

Footprint specs:
X-Axis 1250mm
Y-Axis 1000mm
Z-Axis 350mm

What’s Included:

  • X-Carve 1,000mm x 1,000mm Rail Kit
  • X-Controller Kit 110v
  • X-Carve NEMA 23 Kit
  • 1000mm Drilled - Waste Board (Great Condition)
  • DeWalt 611 110v Spindle & Mount
  • SuckIt Dust Shoe v1
  • SuckIt Dust Shoe v2
  • Additional Tension Belt
  • X-Carve Drag Chain Kit
  • X-Carve Homing Switch Kit
  • Homing Switches
  • Z-Probe
  • 5 Packs “Clamp Set” for 3D Carving
  • Custom Clamping System w/Home location
  • Overhead Vacuum Hose holder. (Included w/Optional Table)

Optional Addition: (+250.00)

Custom Folding X-Carve Table & Power Module Stand. Save space when your X-Carve is not in use with this custom-made CNC Stand. Table is a Torsion Box so it is extremely ridged/solid/light weight.

Additional Pictures:

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Would you be willing to ship? Thanks.

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Hello Jason,

Sure I don’t see why not. I could break it down to more boxable size chunks and shop it.

Where do you live?
Are you interested in the table as well? If so maybe it could be put on a pallet whole.

Let me know and I can start looking into the logistics.


Alex, my zip code is 93523 (Edwards AFB). If you wouldn’t mind looking into shipment without the table I’d appreciate it. I think shipment with the table would be too expensive. Thanks!


UPS says for Ground service assuming the box is 15" x 15" x 36" and 60lbs (Thats a rough guess on my part, but probably pretty close. It would be $130 for shipping, of course I will only charge you the actual amount I pay. Until I got it taken apart and in a pile it would be very hard to know to final numbers.

Let me know what you think, either way I do not think it would weigh anymore than 60lbs (Probably closer to 45-50 and weight is the biggest driver in cost.



I forgot about the Waste Board, adding that to the package (because of the dimensions & weight moves the price up to $316.00. So it would probably be best to just make your own using the X-Carve itself. That is how I made the one I have, there are several videos on how to do it and 3/4" MDF is cheap.

I lowered the wight to 50lbs to just see, and the price estimate dropped to $106.00 so without the wasteboard & table that is probably a better number to use estimate wise.

Hey thanks Alex. Sent you a PM.


I’m just about to buy.
I live not far - Tulsa, Oklahoma - I can come for the X-Carve

Good morning Alexander,

We live right on the Texas/Oklahoma boarder. On the Texas side of Lake Texoma. You are welcome to come down.

Are you interested in the table as well as the X-carve or do you just want the CNC? If you interested in both a small trailer or pickup would be best so you don’t have to disassemble anything.

Let me know,

Hello, I am located in New Orleans and if the previous posts do not go through with the purchase I would be willing to buy and pay for shipping of it all to New Orleans. Please let me know if it is still available. Thanks.

Alex, is this still available?

Sorry, it sold over the weekend. Updating post now.