Sold- Laser engraver for sale - chicago

I have a lightly used laser engraver for sale. please contact me for details. The power of the tube is 60 watts. I am asking $2,200 for the entire package. This includes the software!!

do you have everything to attch it to an xcarve?

This is a standalone unit.

how big of a work piece can you get in it. thanks

Pretty big! 500x700 mm

Plus it has a 4way pass thru and a drop tabel

pete can you tell me what the name and model is of the laser so i can google it and see what i am looking at. thanks Wayne

May I ask how well this unit cut wood? E.g. would it easily cut .5 wood? Was considering buying this unit or a glowforge. This has a much bigger work space and z-control, but would love to hear first hand if it cut well. thanks!

I have a similar unit. 1/2" is beyond it’s capabilities. Cuts 1/4" like butter but 3/8" is the true limit without making a mess.