SOLD - thanks gang

I basically checked every box including the materials when I bought it. I have a ton of bits and the suck it dust boot. I even bought some risers that I never installed to raise the bed height to cave into thicker materials,precision collets…0 damage to waste board and I maybe used this thing for 5 hours…works great just ran out of gusto and had a baby so my free time went away :frowning:
It is the newer version.
I will try to get a list of all the extras together later today.
asking $1,500.

Is this still available? Where in Ohio are you? Feel free to email me

Very interested. I live in ohio. I sent you a pm with my number. Or email me


too much random stuff to list unless we start seriously talking…I emailed the both above…
collets, bits, dust shoe, riser for height, clamps, material oh my!

replied to your email :slight_smile:

Hi I was wondering if your x-carve is still for sale