[SOLD] X-Carve 1000 x 1000mm Northern WI

I’ve decided that I don’t need the 3rd unit after all so I’m letting go of it. I think the pictures tell the story of how new and clean it is; other than the dust of one carve on it. See for yourself and contact me.

Is this still available and what is your asking price

Yes it is Eric. I’m asking $1300 or B.O.
If you’re interested, email me at johnkolstadwi@gmail.com and I will send my phone # and we can discuss it further.



hello good afternoon still has this cnc available and how much would be the shipment to miami please

I am asking $1300 or best offer. I would imagine shipping to Miami would be approximately $150. But you don’t have the 6 week wait for invent a bles to fulfill it for you .

If you are further intrested, email me at johnkolstadwi@gmail.com and I will forward you my cell phone number to discuss it.

Thank you

Does any software come with it?

The free version of easel from invent a bles, otherwise there are some free ones you can download but there is no software packaged with it

I’m interested, email sent.