SOLD: X-Carve 750mm with J-tech Laser

I’m selling my X-Carve 750mm.
It has seen very little use, and i have lots of extras with it. I have a laser kit, that i have not hooked up, so its’ all still in box. I don’t have the space for it, so it needs to go.

It is Located near Nanaimo BC, can meet on the Island.

$2000 CDN

+X-Carve 750 with Controller
+J-tech 3.8W Laser Kit (Value 700CDN)
+Desktop Windows Tower Computer to Run the System will also be included. Its an older AMD 8gb Ram Gaming computer that runs the G-code sender and software well.

Comes with:
-NEMA 23 motors,
-Homing Switches,
-DeWalt 611 Spindle,
-Lots of Engraving Bits,
-J-tech Laser 3.8W with Driver Kit
-Laser Protective Glass

Do you have any pictures of the setup?

Is this the original or the XC 2?


Hi Ryan,
I got it in 2017. So i think its an original. It was the newer one at the time. The laser is all in original packaging. There are more dremel bits and extas not in the photo.

hey is this still available?