(SOLD) Xcarve 1000mm with jtech laser & xcontroller for sale. $1350 obo

I have an xcarve 1000x1000 for sale. It currently fully assembled, I will disassemble as little as possible for shipping. It has the nema 23 motors and acme screw. It also has the xcontroller and the jtech laser 2.8 watt, and Dewalt router with dust shoe( purchased, not made). I purchased the spoil board, but it does have a few carves on board. If I shipped that 2, it would cost extra due to weight. That is upto purchaser. If anyone wants to come and pick it up I live in upstate ny, and I would be willing to nock a little off the price. So why am I selling it, because I like to spend money and purchased a new cnc machine. It is well tuned, however it would have to be adjusted due to disassembly. I have also stiffened the y axis. Xcarve tool kit included. Also extra belting included for both x and y axis. Also extra dewalt spindle mount. The dust shoe is from Kent CNc and usually runs a150$. Laser was 380$ and xcontroller $330. I am asking $1350,or best offer, with 100$ shipping. Pick ups welcome

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Where in Upstate NY? And have you done the X Axis Stiffening mod?

Saranac lake ny. Yes I forgot to mention that. Where u coming from


I also bought a lot of extra belting. And have some for z as well.

Any software coming with it?

Software for laser, is cheap. Unfortunately they don’t let u transfer it . Its emailed and its licensed to that.

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What about the Cad/Cam software for wood carving?

There is a lot of great software to start with that is relatively inexpensive and some is free. Including Easle. I own carve, but plan to use it with my next machine.

Is your x-carve still available?

Chad, I am interested in speaking with you about this machine. Could you let me know if it’s still available for sale?


It’s sold

Delete the post, please