Solidworks cam and x carve easel pro

I have a 3D part that I modeled in Solidworks. I also made the tool setup and paths in Solidworks cam. It will download to a flash drive but will not work when I open it up in easel pro it gives me and open work field just the grid and no part? Any one using Solidworks 2020/2021 with CAM?

What post processor did you use?

I am using the solidworks cam program. It allows me to download it as a g code?

Not sure if that answers you question.

When you generate gcode from solidworks cam, you have to select a post processor. The post processor ensures that the gcode does what you want and that it is compatible with your machine/controller.
Easel needs a post processor that is grbl compatible that doesn’t include arcs.

CAM is the “convert” design parameters vs tool parameters into matching machine code.
The Post Processor (or post for short) is what make sure the gcode is compatible with the machine (controller) in question. Think of it as a filter :slight_smile:

I am sending a list of post processor that solid works shows.

@TimothyMcinvaille You might want to read this.
GRBL Postprocessor for Solidworks – Restricted Ayerspace

Wow thanks. It so much to take in. I think I am learning it but very slowly.

So Far I now how to model a part in SW 2020. Then I create the tools and the toll paths in SW cam 2020. I can then download it to a chip and open it in easel. that's where is the issue is? It opens to a work space with a grid but no part. 
So where does the other downloads fall into the picture? that's where I'm lost

Can you post your gcode here or in a PM to me?