SOLIDWORKS to DXF to Inscape to DXF or SVG to Easel

Hello everyone. I am a SOLIDWORKS user. I got interested in importing the existing DXF files and generating G codes for them. But I had the problem that I can’t choose how to manufacture the contours (inside, outside, etc.). I found tips in the forum, but none solved my problem. So after a few experiments I found the following solution:
a) SOLIDWORKS has poor connection of the ends points of 2D elements (lines, etc.) if the DXF / DWG export settings specify Enable Merging. I turned this option off.

b) I imported the DXF file into Inscape and chose the Manual scale import option.
End-points are not connected

c) I chose the Edit paths by nodes command. I specified all the elements of the contour, then selected the Join selected nodes command.

d) All ends-points of the contour elements were connected.

e) Save the file in DXF or SVG format and import it into Easel.
f) The result is now satisfactory, I can choose how to manufacture the contour.

Hope it will help you!