(SOLVED) 1/4 in jump off path

well yesterday i was carving and it jumped off course by 5 1/4 inchs. i went thru the entire machine this morning and found that my y axis belt slipped… i reset all the belts check tension and all seemed great

started a carve and was carving great. it got to 80% and then it jumped a 1/4 in on the y axis.

has anyone else had this issue?

i found out it was 1/4 in difference by when it returned to home it was a 1/4 higher

any help would be great

alreadty recheck belts all is good connections all tight,

Check the set screws on the drive gears (?) that attach to the motors. If you didn’t use Loctite during assembly, they are probably slipping. I just had to go and file flats onto the motor shafts of the used XCarve I picked up, to eliminate slippage.

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are you using heat shrink or cable ties to hold the belts from slipping? Blue Loctite the pulley setscrews for sure, and did you turn up the motor current?
what material are you cutting?
Router speed setting?
depth of cut?

M3 (not M2 as originally stated) hex head screws at your local hardware store can make tightening those pullies easier. They replace the little grub screws. Flats on your steppers is critical. As is cable ties (easier to remove when modding).

With all of that ruled out. Use the “pot adjustment” video if you are using standard equipment (GRBL Shield). You’ll be good to go! X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!

the setscrews are M3 x 0.5, mine are at least


added the zip ties and checked the motor gears added lock tight and ran test runn last night all seems to be back in order thanks everyone for the input

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