[Solved] DeWalt 611 not working?

Just tried to run a new carving and when I went to turn on my router, it would not spin! The lights on the bottom came on but the router would not run/turn. I called inventables and they suggested, if I felt save doing so, that I remove the top cover and see if there was something interfering with the router speed control. I first unplugged the router from it’s power source and then removed the four screws holding the cap cover on. As soon as I removed the cover I noticed the problem. The top of the router was covered in very fine router dust! I took my shop vac and vacuumed the dust out as well as I could and then I plugged my power back in to see if it would run. Started right up! So if your 611 stops inexplicably, check the top for dust!


Guess that wasn’t the problem after all. Tonight after all the Thanksgiving festivities were over I thought I would carve a plaque or two. Turned on the router and it’s dead, nothing. Tried taking the cover off again to no avail. What ever is wrong, it’s more than a little dust. So back to Amazon it goes and tomorrow I will see if my local home depot has a 611, if not I will have to reorder from Amazon and that means the 3 - 4 more plaques I was trying to get ready for next week aren’t gonna get done! Disappointing to say the least!

Disassembled the 611 as far as I dare go, could not resolve the problem. So ordered a replacement from Home Depot online, the lowest price I could find, but it won’t be here until the 3rd of Dec. at the soonest. So there goes the four other plaques I was planning on making for next week. Dang-it!

I just encountered a similar issue. Lights on but nobody’s home. I found that it was an issue with the brushes not making great contact and the contact surface being dirty. I cleaned mine up and bit and got it working again, but I ordered new brushes just in case. My router stopped mid carve and snapped my 1/32 bit. No bueno.

Don’t know if you saw my other reports, but it was the brushes (on my second router) and I replaced them without a problem. Running as good as new now!

It happened to me today and I will open up and see waht is wrong with my router. Probably, dust, contact points of carbon brushes. Will work on it tonight.
Thanks everyone.

My 611 just died, only had this for 6 weeks, to say I am not happy is an understatement.

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Did you check the brushes? They only last 150-200 hours.

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I did not check the brushes, I bought another one today and am going to take to bad one to the service center on Monday. If I get the bad one fixed then I will have a back up

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Warranty should cover that.

Typical brush wear is to be expected and 150-200hrs of run-time should be expected assuming speed setting #1 is used. Higher RPM = faster wear.

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The same thing happened top me back in 2018. At that time I contacted a friend of mine in the repair biz. He told me the same thing the the brushes would only last 150*200 hrs.
I found replacement brushes on Amazon and now I keep a extra set in my shop. For some reason the replacement ones last a little longer. They are so easy to change.

I’ve changed the brushes on my DW611 twice now. It’s a very easy process and has resolved my power issue each time. I can’t say I’ve tracked the number of hours I get between brush changes but 100 may be about right. The only tricky part of the whole thing is keeping tension on the spring that holds the brushes down. There is a bar provided on the DW611 to hook the spring onto. Be sure to use the bar because if you lose control of the spring it is a real pain to recoil it. But even a fat finger person like me was able to fix that as well.

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