[Solved] Easel/ x-Carve Imprecission

Can someone help explain what causes this and if possible prescribe a solution!

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Looks like you are missing lots of y steps.

If the belts are tight then you need to increase the voltage to the y motors.

Search the forum for lots of instructions on how to properly adjust the voltage potentiometers on the Grbl shield. It is easy to do and should fix your problem.

Hi Allen! thanks for the response, I have been hunting for the thread with detailed information on how to increase power to the nemas, but I can’t maybe Im missing something, please can you send me a link. I wish someone from inventables could give some direction.

Here is the best video I have seen that shows you how to do it.

It was done by @RobertA_Rieke and is excellent.

Check out this page for more information on the potentiometers, under Setting Motor Current

Hi Allen
thanks for the video, it really helped at least for now carving precisely. Are there any more surprises to expect, I mean tweaks to be done? :grin:

Be sure you keep your belts tight (a new belt will stretch after a few hours of use). Also check your v-wheels often, they will become loose (and fall off) if you do not have nylon locknuts or loctite on them.

Build or purchase a dust shoe, the dust will get everywhere and interfere with the smooth operation of the x and Y axis.
If you don’t have a dust shoe attached then be sure to watch over your cuts with a brush to keep the tracks clean.

Also seal your MDF wasteboard, or it will soak up moisture and warp. And when it is not flat everything you cut will turn out badly. I found that attaching a 1/2 inch piece of MDF on top of the wasteboard and then using a large flat bottom bit like a wasteboard cutter, to skim .005 off the top to be sure it is really flat and perpendicular to the spindle is a good idea. Plus with the sacrificial board on top of the expensive wasteboard you can then use screws to hold down your work, which is much more secure and faster to setup.

And lastly, start thinking about upgrading your spindle, the stock spindle is great to get started with (and to make mistakes with). But it has a limited life. After a few months you will notice it is making some odd noises and your cuts will start to be a little ragged. A good router body like the Dewalt 611 will make an excellent new spindle, so be looking for a deal on one and place your order with Inventables for the Dewalt 611 mount, you do not want them to be out of stock when you need it.

Hi Allen
Now thats what we call words of advice for a new user, I already got a DW611 as well as the mount, am just waiting for the 220V- 110V power supply coz in my country the power outlets are 220V. What can I use to seal the MDF washboard? do you think a layer of vanish will do?

I just use an oil based primer to seal the MDF and keep the moisture out of it.

In my experience varnish does not work as well on MDF. I have seen that others have used shellac on MDF with good results

You will be very happy with the 611, Just be sure you have your dust collection system ready to go. The 611 will create a truly amazing amount of dust and then blow it all over your shop if it is not contained.

ok will buy a dust collection system, any recommendations for the dust collection system?

I started out with a shop vac and discovered that it did not do the job. So I purchased a 2hp dust collector system with 4 inch hoses and a 5 micron filter.

It normally sales for about $210 at Harbor Frieght (not sure if you can order from them), but they are frequently on sale for around $170.

There are many other professional grade dust collectors but most sell for over $400.

The advantage of a dust collector versus a shop vac is that the dust collector is designed to be able to run for very long periods of time without overheating, a shop vac will get very hot if you run it for an hour and the motor will fail prematurely. Also the key to good dust collection is the diameter of the hose, bigger hose equals more air flow which means it pulls more dust.

Plus the dust collector is much quieter than a shop vac.

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thanks a lot Allen! I appreciate the help.

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