[Solved - Elec. Interference] - Job keeps failing in easel

a faraday cage is a faraday cage. Maybe it will still let RF energy thru, but not enough to call the phone. Try it.

OK, you got my curiosity going so I put my cell phone in the microwave and called it. It rang!!! Does that mean the microwave is not properly sealed??

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It should ring. It’s not a perfect cage.

I found out today through much trial and error that my cell phone is causing my machine to finish early and disconnect. Placed the cell phone in the other room and no disconnects. It is very strange.

I thought it fixed it yesterday, but I left it in the other room today. I cut 3 sheets of material, and then it started randomly disconnecting again today. I grounded my vac hose, tried 3 different usb cables, isolated the power, and it is still disconnecting. I had it quit responding a couple of times and easel still acted like it was connected. I am at a loss. The last couple of days I am really regretting this purchase.

I am running the x controller and am unaware of the usb issues.

Thanks, I will bypass it in the morning and give it a try. I am getting good at repeating my home position lately though.