[solved] No Self-Tapping Screws

I do not have my kit yet (Most of it just shipped today!! :smiley:) but have a quick question, I didn’t order the tool kit because I already have the “torx, various wrenches and safety glasses.” It sounds like it includes an unmentioned tap in place of the self tapping screws? What size is this tap so I can go buy one if needed to assemble the kit?

You really don’t need one…I just used the self-tapping screws and a squirt of WD-40 with the T25 torx screwdriver.

Cool thanks!

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I still see “thread forming” and “self tapping” in the instructions.

Unfortunately I fell victim to the confusion at this step as well. It not only halted my build momentum, but made me waste 40 minutes for a hardware store run that proved useless anyway. Not much metric selection at the store. Wish I read this forum first. I will read the SKU on baggies now as a double check.

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