[Solved] Offset carving - My X-Carve lost its mind - (Solution loose Vwheels and eccentric nuts)

So up till this point everything has been going really well with my X-carve. But today was painful. Was making some sushi board with double recesses for condiments in maple and walnut. On the first pass, which was in a oval pattern, the spindle started to stall a couple times then completely stopped. I aborted the job and checked everything over. Seemed to be a fluke. Started the job again and now it looks like this.

These are more test cuts i performed and now everything seems to be off an 1/8 of an inch or less when it trys to cut the pockets out. i have checked and rechecked my belts and made adjustments to them but nothing has seemed to work. I havent touched the pots for the nema motors yet as i wouldnt think those would have to be changed since everything was working fine.

Does anyone have any ideas on what i should check next?>

Can you try this. Raise the spindle, don’t send any job or command. Turn your spindle from toggle switch manually on. (UP) check to see if any of your green LEDs lighting on and off inside the box. In same time you can check stepper motors movement also.

Everything is working spindle is working, stepper motors are working, it just seems to be off now by 1/8 inch.

Ok tried that and greens lights come on when i move it up or down or left and right and front to back.

No, without any commands and jobs. When you turn your spindle on Manually, do you see any movement on stepper motors. Just watch it.

If you see any pulses moving your stepper motors means, you have bad spindle. If it is not moving at all, no green blinking leds, means your belts are slipping.

when i manually turn it on no green lights. and i dont think my belts are slipping as if i get them any tighter im not sure what will happen. they are like piano strings right now. also its a repeatable with any shape. its like its walking more to the right and up than anything else.

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Just give a little time, We have more friends with better knowledge, you definitely get some help.

anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? I’m at a loss right now with it and already spend about 3 hours working on it so far.

Have you contacted Inventables Tech Suppoort? help@inventables.com

not yet was hoping someone here on the forums would have seen this before.

Soooo. figured out what the issue was with help from @Zach_Kaplan. For some reason, possibly due to vibrations and usage, one of my v-wheels was very loose. Had to loosen all the v-wheels eccentric nuts let it settle then retighten. Again thanks for all the help @Zach_Kaplan and due to the customer service at inventibles, there should never be a doubt as to if you should or should not buy from them. Very nice job today and i look forward to spending all my hard earned money with you.

Thank you