[Solved] Z Axis inconsistency

Hey all, back with yet another issue. Did a 2 hour job and the z axis started wandering a bit (very very frustrating). If I can figure out how to upload a photo I will. Using Rhino + MadCAM to generate the GCode and it looks clean, so not an issue there. All of the v wheels on the z axis are calibrated properly and rest of the set up is solid (fixed to the table). I am using the DeWalt 611 router (awesome by the way, highly recommended) and made double sure the collet was very tight. Checked the belt on the stepper and that was tight as well. Cutting speed was 300mm / min. Anyone run into this?? Keep running into issues and am starting to get frustrated :(.

Since we don’t know what your photos show, what is wrong with them?

Hi @RickRogahn, I had the same issue and it is common. Check the tightness of the screws on your pulleys, tightness of belts and then adjust the pots on your shield. The procedure is [Solved] Cutting wrong, loosing position

Not to highjack the thread but what are you using for dust collection/air deflection?

Looks like your doing molds for a sailplane wing?

I had similar issues when I tried doing a relief carving a few weeks ago and I cured it by upping the current to the Z drive as was mentioned by @KeithGrunow. Once I tweaked the pot (about 1/8th of a turn clockwise) she cut flawlessly and considering you are using a heavier router vs the spindle, this could be the problem.

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The two raised surfaces should be smooth…

Thank you Keith, will check that out. Everything on the machine is tight, guess I need to test different settings on the Z pot.

@PaulKinlaw - Currently, a shop Vac :). When the parts come in, I’ll be creating the 611 dust collector in the projects section (searching the forums should pull it up).

@AntonioNunez - How did you know :). It’s actually the vacuum box for cutting wing cores, mold to come later. Thanks, will give that a shot.