Some advice needed (feed speed)

Hi to All!

I would like to make that kind of labyrinth

size is about 30x30sm, and deepness is 47mm.
I try to use the biggest bit I have - 0.25Inch (High Speed Steel 2 Flute Upcut Spiral bit from Inventable), using standard feed rates - 100 ipm (deepness cut is about 3 mm)

But I don’t like the timing - about 16 hours - I think that is too long.
Is that OK for that size, or I should change feed rates (material is oak, so I’m afraid to break the bit)?
Or probably I could optimize somehow that project?

Did you mean 30 x 30 centimeters or 30 x 30 square meters? You have something wrong in your Vetric V-Carve settings, go back and look through everything again and see where it’s fouling up. Safe travel above cut, rasterizing, etc. If this is 90mm by 90mm and 3mm deep no way that’s 16hrs.

I hope I’m reading this right… you’re trying to cut away 47mm of depth at 3mm per pass, correct? So that’ll take 16 passes if my math is correct (47/3=15.666). And your bit is .25" so I’d be curious what your stepover is. 16 passes in 16 hours = 1pass/hour.

Anyway, looking at your design, you may want to cut out the labyrinth shape as an outline and then put a backer board on it to close it out. That way you’re not trying to cut away all that negative space.

Hope that makes sense.

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Oh, and also, make sure the cutting edge of your .25" bit is at least 1.9" long since you’re trying to cut down into the material 47mm (47mm = 1.85" then I added 0.05" for slop making it 1.9").

Can you share the vector as svg or dxf?

square - 300mm x 300mm = about 11.8 inch square.


Probably that will be the best solution. I forget about that possibility. :slight_smile:

the SVG file is almost the same as you shared:

If you go this route you may have to thicken the walls a bit so they don’t break. Maybe. Maybe not.

I’ll checkout the svg file against my setup, but if you are cutting 1.8" deep then my gut says yes it will take 16 hours, have fun man!

Thank you all for replays - I will think how to better do that labyrinth cut.
Already prepared piece of oak with needed sizes, but, probably I really should use birch or even pine for that.

How deep do you cut with that bit? And what speed do you use?
I saw, that you have X-Carve advanced version :slight_smile:
I don’t “dive” deeper than 3,5 mm (or 1/8 inch)

I have recalculated the toolpath, and carve that labyrinth today:

My mistake was in choosing bit settings, I set an 8% stepover (changed that for 3D carving).
Cut depth is only 30mm (1,18 inch) - that is maximum depth I could cut for now.


Looks awesome! Well done.

How long did it take to cut?

Huh, forgot to mention, that it was carving about 2 hours.

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Waaaaaaay better than 16 hours! :sunglasses:

There weren’t special needs to make them thicker, that is just “almost direct curve” connection between two lines (1 and 2).

indeed :wink: