Some "artifacts", cutting arcs

Hi to all!

Some days ago I cut the test tea tray from birch.
Everything is fine (almost), but I got a strange “artefacts” (don’t know, how to describe that correctly) cutting arcs parts.
Is that "normal"and I just should use sanding paper to get rid of them, or that is because of some wrong calibration?
That is not the first time, when I got similar “cut in”.

PS. X-Carve 1000 (bought in march 2017), G-Code for 3D tray sent from Aspire, cut in Easel.

Thank you.
Will check geometry and belts today.
Just not sure about how tihjt belts should be.
(will try to find now in forum threads)

Use 3d tabs to stop getting tab witnesses
If you have a single line, that’s dwell plunge and the cure is ramping your plunge (another toolpath option in aspire)


will try that.
thank you for advice.
I assume, that that marks appears in place, where router “goes deeper”.

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Cutting was pausing only when spindle needs to dive deeper, or in place, where it changes radius (cutting pockets etc.)

Yep. That’s a dwell witness.

3d tabs will solve the pair of dwells on the edge/side of tabs

Ramps solves the single dwell at the start point of a pockets.