Some Christmas projects

It was a busy holiday season for me this year pumping out some project to sell and some custom projects for friends… I haven’t posted in awhile, so here’s some pics.


uh oh looks like something went wrong with your pics I cannot see them?

they just say uploading

If you edit your post, then re-add the pictures and wait until they appear it will work out correctly.

@WorkinWoods and @ErikJenkins… Sorry about that. Inventables server was apparently down when I first tried to post. This is what happened when I tried again later. Pics are up now.

Very nice!

Excellent work, I really like the last pic Seahawks no.1 team item.

@Kasba… that’s really the one that had me pretty damn busy. I posted one on a few Seahawks fan Facebook pages and got myself 26 orders. Those are Acacia wood cutting boards from Ikea… dirt cheap but big and substantial,about 20 x 17 x 1. I live north of Seattle, they ran out of them at the Seattle location and I wound up driving down to the Portland store (300 miles one way) to clean them out of their stock to fill orders. They weren’t available for purchase on their website for some reason. Purchased every single one they had to fill orders and have some stock for the rest of the year… after two tanks of gas to get down and back, still much cheaper than anything I could find, or even make for that matter, and less time…:smile:

Thanks @ErikJenkins AND @RobertCanning!

There is still something wrong with your pictures. They have a bunch of Seahawk junk on them.

Just kidding! Your projects look great.

Go Pack!

flags are cutout and glued on?

@JeremySimmons…everything is a pocket carve… two files because overall length exceeds the capacity of the 1000x1000 unit.

@TysonSwan… I have had people ask me to do Packers stuff… told them I gotta charge extra for pain and suffering…


These are Awesome!! Go Hawks!!

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Thanks, @SteveCapp!

I’m delivering these 2 beauties today!


Nice work!! Did you resin fill the pockets in the cutting boards? Go Hawks!!

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@SteveMilby… Yes, the pockets are 1/8 in.deep and filled with pigmented resin.

@TysonSwan… Nice! I’m working on a six-pack and growler carrier design for a local store myself right now.

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