Some cuts based on procedural textures & clothsim in Maya

I’ve posted some of these in other threads based on questions I had, but thought I’d show them off in one place: All of this data was made in Autodesk Maya, toolpath via MeshCAM, cut on my 1000mm xcarve out of some old reclaimed redwood. They were all cut with a .25" ballnose, rough and finish passes, with a ‘natural’ stain applied. Sanding was performed, but with a 10% stepover on the finish, not much is needed.

This was made via a procedural ocean shader, which I displaced to mesh, then booleaned a hole into for the votive. The line you see running through it to the left of the candle is actually a slight crack in the wood, not a flaw in the cut.

This was a cloth simulation I ran: I made a box with a hole (the size of a votive) in it I draped the ‘cloth’ over: I then shoved a cylinder into the hole, pulling the cloth in. This I also shot with clear-coat as an experiment.

This was generated by displacing a procedural cellular noise pattern to mesh:

This was generated by displacing a procedural noise pattern to mesh:

Been a lot of fun, I really enjoy this tool :wink:


Nice I have a copy of Maya too. will have to try some stuff like this at some point.

Ahh - Each of those gives me so many project ideas. Variations on a theme. Need to get this damn machine up and running.