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Some truss rod covers

Just a few truss rod covers I’ve done recently. Good practice for when I finally do a fingerboard!


Thanks. PRS bird is abalone, other two are pearl. Inlay materials are expensive!

The skull-ed octopus looks awesome,
keep going, your stuff is great,

what sort of Gibson is that ?

Thanks! Gibson les Paul custom classic lite. Thinner body, so it doesn’t weigh as much and easier upper fret access. I really like it.


Did you cut the abalone and pearl with the X-carve too or just the wood?

Very nice!

All was cut with the mighty X-Carve.

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Excellent! I have been wondering if inlay materials would work with the x-carve.

Please share some details of how to do the inlay work. It’s on my “to try” list.

The inlay tool works pretty well, you’ll break pearl if you have to force it in the pocket (don’t ask how I know this) - I typically make the pocket about .01" shallower than necessary so I can sand the inlay perfectly flat with the material around it. Used Adobe Illustrator to draw all of my files, exported them to svg. used double sided tape to hold down items, as it was far too small for clamps and I also didn’t use tabs for the inlay material. Also surfaced/flattened a spot on my x-carve so it’s very flat/precise for inlay cutting.

Hope that helps - if you have any specific questions, be glad to answer them.


Hi Pete,

Beautiful work!

What bit and settings do you use to cut the pearl on the x-carve. I tried testcutting a small piece of MOP today but my 0.024 bit broke as soon as it touched the pearl. Any pointers in the right direction is greatly appreciated!


  • John

Used a .03125 bit, 8 in/minute feed rate, .01 inch depth per cut. Be really sure your board or cutting area under the pearl is perfectly level, if it’s uneven at all you could break a bit easily since .01 inch isn’t much at all.

Great work! I’m a Luthier and am in the process of learning to use the X-Carve for this very thing. Where did you get the bits? Are you using a Router or a Spindle or?
I have SOOoo many questions. Could I have a look at your files? I’m using Draft Sight and EstlCam.

Thanks Pete. I will give these settings a try.

Are you doing anything other than vacuum to mitigate the dust problem? I was wondering if it might be possible to work with a mist or water bath… Just curious because I understand shell dust to be extremely bad for the lungs.